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Retail Cleaning Services

We know it can be hard it is to keep your retail facilities clean and run business at the same time. With our retail cleaning services you can leave the job to us, so that we can make your store or shopping centre a safe, clean and enjoyable place to shop.

Each of our retail contracts starts with a discussion of your exact requirements. We will then arrange a site visit of your retail premises, so that we can understand requirements better and produce a more accurate quote. We then begin working out an individual plan and produce a proposal, which will suit your requirements and budget.

Legal Requirements for Retailers
  • Health & safety. We know how important it is to adhere to Health & Safety regulations in retail environment. Floor surfaces must be kept clean and tidy, spills should be quickly dealt with to avoid any accidents.


  • Food safety. Food Standards Agency requires all retailers who sell and/or stock food products to comply with their standards. Any spilled products must be cleaned thoroughly and cleaning chemicals must meet BS EN13697 and BS EN 1276 standards.

  • It is no secret that a shop or showroom must be perfectly clean – it is the best way of ensuring the best first impression of your business. When a potential customer walks through your showroom doors, they create a picture of your business within seconds.

  • A clean and fresh shop  shows that you and your staff care and pay attention to the finer details, even if you and your staff aren’t responsible for your showroom looking the way it does.

  • Our team is happy to provide the best cleaning services possible to retail and showroom spaces across London. Our aim with this this service is to take this pressure off of our retail customers. Let’s face it, you have enough pressure on you already. By having our cleaning team come in and clean your shop or showroom, you can focus on developing relationships with customers and providing them with a great shopping experience!

We Offer Affordable Retail Cleaning Services
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