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Safety measures we have ensured:

Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken our safety measures to another level. As we want to make sure that our customers; as well as our employees are safe, we have provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all of our in-office and field agents. We have stocked vast quantities of disinfectant solutions, safety masks, gloves and protective overshoes. Our professionals are expertly trained in how to operate in the current climate we find ourselves in. To make sure we avoid pro-contamination; we dispose of gloves, safety masks and protective shoes. We also sanitize our high-grade cleaning equipment before and after every service. Despite the current economic strain, we have proudly managed to keep all of our employees working full hours.


New services during Covid-19:

In response to the events going on throughout the country; we have developed and launched a new extensive service called “Antiviral Sanitation”, which helps against the fight against Covid-19. Our agents are equipped with professional foggers; with which they can effectively disinfect every crook and corner of your property, and otherwise unreachable areas.Please follow the link below for further information on the Covid-19 pandemic and how to prevent it:

Further information:


As a professional cleaning company, we are fully aware of the elevated key responsibilities we hold during these unprecedented times. We have always worked to an exceptionally high standard, however in light of the current global circumstances we face; we have taken the following steps to ensure complete peace of mind for both our staff and our clients. 


In accordance with the guidelines set out by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, we have carried out a thorough risk assessment across all areas of our trade in relation to the spread of Covid-19.


We have made changes to our profession (where applicable) to reflect good practice and to adapt to the ever-changing global situation. 

We have liaised with all our employees, sought their feedback and have ensured they understand the importance of adhering to the new guidelines and that they are comfortable with them. 

These new legislations promoting safety around Covid-19 are now company policy and failure to follow them is not an option.


Additional measures being taken by Gentle Touch Star include:


  • We have ensured that all employees have a full understanding of the risk factors when carrying out their work around the pandemic including but not limited to; how long the virus can live on surfaces, how it can be transmitted and how to best ensure it has been eradicated. 

  • We provide more-than-adequate PPE/sanitization equipment and ensure stocks are always maintained. Employees are expected to use these (unless exempt for medical reasons) as part of our company policy surrounding COVID-19. 

  • Employees follow a comprehensive schedule of antiviral sanitization throughout their working procedures to minimize the risk of transmission and contraction of COVID-19.

  • We cultivate an ongoing awareness of developments in scientific understanding of COVID-19, and government policy, adapting our practices to reflect most reliable and up-to-date information.  

  • All employees are educated on recognizing the key symptoms of Coronavirus and are actively encouraged to report any symptoms to us immediately. 

  • We have identified employees who may be at a higher risk of serious illness, and have made adaptations to their work requirements to ensure they are protected. 

  • We do not allow employees to work for us if they or a family/ household member has symptoms of the virus and we encourage them to stay home and isolate for the recommended 14 days. 

  • We provide assistance in arranging and accessing Covid-19 tests for themselves or family/ household members if required.  

  • We have devised a comprehensive support package for employees affected by the virus, to enable them to safely and comfortably take time away from work if they need to.

  • We foster an open and secure line of communication with all employees, ensuring they feel comfortable approaching us with any concerns during these uncertain times.

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