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For the past 20 years at your service, Gentle Touch Star has established a long living reputation as a trusted and committed company. Our teams of cleaning agents are experienced and highly trained individuals who are masters of their craft but most importantly; they are integral hard workers! Today more than ever; it is critical to maintain a hygienic environment for yourself, your family and your colleagues.



From humble beginnings, Gentle Touch Star was founded on two main morals… hygiene and ambition. With a concoction of quality and skill, this family-run business managed to branch out from being a small work force in West London that conducted small domestic cleaning… to an elite corporation that has partnered with Dexters Estate Agency and many major corporate offices around London. As demand grew, so did our impressive reputation for being leading pioneers in the cleaning field. Today, Gentle Touch Star Cleaning Services is an impressive organization that represents solidarity, integrity and ambition in every line of our trade. We are proudly categorized as a company that embodies the hygienic standards of the 21st century, and have been upholding these standards for the last two decades.


So what are you waiting for? Call us TODAY and come and be a part of our story!


Our staff are diligent and efficient professionals who specialize in every aspect of the cleaning field. To become the very best in their line of work, each individual has gone through extensive training to refine their abilities in order to provide the services our clients’ desire. In addition to this, our skilled workers are trained to use state of the art equipment that is not readily available to the public.


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